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What do IT consultations
mean by us?

We are definitely not wrong when we say that some of you have your computers or notebooks mainly for work. If such an error occurs that renders your device unworkable, it may cause large problems. We know that and that’s why we address also this area. We try to help with each problem as best as we can so that you won’t lose time by having to bring your device to a service center.

We’ll help you immediately.

What exactly do we take care of?

Handling crisis situations with IT
• diagnostics and proposal of problem solution

• setting up devices after outage or failure

• communication with internet providers, hosting & e-mail providers etc.

Installation and configuration of computers, devices, and network
• installation and configuration of new computers and devices

• updating of systems and software, installation of applications, handling of problems with existing devices

Sales of IT infrastructure and devices based on analysis of customer’s needs
• finding of existing state and its comparison with real requirements of customer

• proposal of functional and effective solution, which will enable the customer to achieve better results using IT

• actual purchase and deilivery of necessary computers and devices

Training of users in basics of using IT
• knowledge and real understaning of the basics of working with computers is important in preventing various strange problems, which may appear when working on them

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